Noah's Quality Water Services

We started Noah's in Red Deer 2001 with our intention to be the friendliest and best water delivery service in Central Alberta. Since our inception, with 1 van and 1 guy and no location or equipment, we have grown to a full service bottled water and filtration company with 9 vans and 13 staff. We have our own purification/bottling plant and full service retail outlet.

Originally we were small market providing excellent, to your door residential service. Now we not only cater to residential, but also large corporations with a full compliment of water services including filtration systems, point-of-use water coolers, filters and membranes; maintenance/service and supplies; and of course bottled water service.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, our willingness to go off route, our same day service, friendly drivers and addressing any concerns that our customers might have