Red Deer’s Water Store

Noah’s Quality Water Services

As Red Deer’s premier water store, Noah’s, we offer a selection of products and services to keep area businesses and families healthy and hydrated. Whether you need help in selecting the right water purification system, or assistance with a hard-to-find fridge filter, we’re always happy to lend a helping hand—come visit us in Red Deer!

Purified Bottled Water

Using the latest in reverse osmosis water filtration technology, Noah’s makes it easy to have a continuous supply of fresh, clean water. Bottles free of Bisphenol-A (BPA) are available for free delivery to Red Deer and the surrounding areas. In addition to the area’s homes and businesses, we also supply water to the area’s oil and gas industry.

We supply bottled water in 18.9L (5-gallon) and 11L (3-gallon) configurations.

Water Filters & Purification Systems

Looking for fresh water—without all the bottles? We sell an assortment of water filters, reverse osmosis systems, and purification systems from our shop on Petrolia Drive. Noah’s has everything from water softeners and bottle-free coolers to reverse osmosis membranes and fridge filters. We carry products from the most trusted brands in water systems, including:

By using our bottled water service you are helping the environment & saving money!

  • No Enviro Fees
  • 1 time deposit fee, which is refundable (if reusable) or swapped out for your new deposit towards another bottle
  • Recycled after approx. 200 fills, therefore not filling up our landfills


Did You Know?

Noah’s tests its water supply twice a day to ensure it is free of bacteria and pathogens.

We have a 24-hour coin-operated water bottle vending machine, so Red Deer always has a supply of fresh, great-tasting water.
(At our South Store)

Water Delivery for Home & Office

Noah’s offers bottled water deliveries to Red Deer and the surrounding areas.

Did You Know?

There is a 9 hour freeze out time for your 5 gallon water bottles when the temperature drops to -20C
Your bottles of water can be stored up to 2 years if it is kept in a cool dark place.